Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Day Challenge, Day 8; M is for Monochromatic

Day 8: Dress up a Coat

First off, yay for monochromatic again.  Doing it one week for Freckles in April and the next week for My Greatest Hits - Though I  realize that I've worn monochromatic outfits without even thinking of it for a few days in between.  On the last official monochromatic day, I wore white.  Today called for gray.

Shirt - Kohls, $10
Sweater - Old, ?
Pants - Rue 21, $15
Socks - gift
boots - Ross, $13
Earrings - Family Dollar, $0.50
Necklace - free at a Cruise stop in Ketchikan, AK

Then, to top off the monochromatic, and make this work for the 10 day challenge, I added my black leather coat.  The problem with leather:  No pin flowers or broaches.  What's left: scarves.  This is a scarf I have had for many years and didn't like to wear because it used to go down to my knees with eight inch long fringe on the ends.  I liked the chunky look though, so I removed the fringe and un-crocheted about a third of the length.  Now: love it :)

Leather jacket - Wilson's, gift
Scarf - gift

This outfit is for:
Freckles in April
and for:

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