Thursday, February 16, 2012

W is for Wide Leg

Today's (actually yesterday's) challenge for My Greatest Hits ABCs of Fashion was to wear wide leg pants.  I'm kind of a packrat, so even though I like wearing skinny jeans and pants now, I have a section of my closet full of wide leg pants I just can't seem to let go.  Channeling a nautical vibe with the stripes and the sailor-wide pants, here's my take on the style:

Hat: Pioneer day vendor booth, $10
Necklaces and earrings: Claires, $1 each
Shirt: Ross, old
Pants: Taken from my sister's Goodwill pile, free
Socks: Kohls, $2
Shoes: Smith's Marketplace, free with rewards points

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  1. I'm a packrat, too! :) Actually I don't think I ever STOPPED wearing wide leg pants... hehe.
    Love your look! I can't wear black because I always end up covered in cat fur, so I'm always envious of ladies who can. :)