Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flapper Fun

Saturday night was our stake Valentines dance, and the theme was Broadway Glitz.  There was a dinner, a Broadway song review, a photo booth, and a dance.  The posters all said Sunday dress, but if past years were any indication, there would be people there in everything from jeans to prom dresses.  Not wanting to wear a Sunday skirt, but afraid that I would stand out a little too much in neck-to-floor glitter, I opted for my old flapper-inspired dress.  I got on Youtube, took a video refresher on how to dance the Charleston, and headed off to the event in this:

Dancing the Charleston

Again with the Charleston

My best Flapper pose

Loving the fringe!
 Dress: JC Penney, also worn to Junior Homecoming Dance
Shirt: PacSun, $4
Tights: JC Penney, old
Shoes: thrifted, $2
Headband: made by me
Necklace: Paparazzi Jewelry, $5
Bracelets: Dollar Store, $0.50

Here's the blog debut of my wonderful husband:

Happy Valentine's Day! (a little late but better than never)

Y is for Yellow

Today's challenge from My Greatest Hits was an easy and fun one: wear something yellow.  Even though it had snowed recently, I was in the mood for springtime, so I paired cheery yellow with pink floral and my favorite spring shoes. 

 T-shirt: JC Penney, $5
Shirt: CJ Banks, $10
Jeans: clothing exchange, free
Shoes: clothing exchange, free
Flower: made by me
Hair clip: mall kiosk, $3 for 2
Necklace: Alaskan cruise, free

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

X is for 2X

Last time I wore this sweater, I wore it for Monochromatic day for Freckles in April's 10 day challenge.  Today, for My Greatest Hits' challenge, I decided to remix it (2X as in styling an outfit a second way) with brighter colors.  I wore it with a thrifted shirt and clothing exchange pants, so my outfit, including the shoes and jewelry, was $17.50!  I love when I can dress for so little.


Shirt: thrifted, $1
Sweater: thrifted, $3
Pants: free from clothing exchange
Shoes: Ross, $13
Earrings: Family Dollar, $0.75 with a necklace

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W is for Wide Leg

Today's (actually yesterday's) challenge for My Greatest Hits ABCs of Fashion was to wear wide leg pants.  I'm kind of a packrat, so even though I like wearing skinny jeans and pants now, I have a section of my closet full of wide leg pants I just can't seem to let go.  Channeling a nautical vibe with the stripes and the sailor-wide pants, here's my take on the style:

Hat: Pioneer day vendor booth, $10
Necklaces and earrings: Claires, $1 each
Shirt: Ross, old
Pants: Taken from my sister's Goodwill pile, free
Socks: Kohls, $2
Shoes: Smith's Marketplace, free with rewards points

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Friday, February 10, 2012

T is for Tomboy

Today's challenge from My Greatest Hits was to incorporate menswear elements into my outfit.  This isn't something I've done before, but I think it works.  For part of the day I wore my husband's old watch, but the band was way too big and it drove me nuts, and I forgot to put it back on for the pictures.


 Shirt - Kohls, $5
Jacket -Oscar de la Renta, vintage hand me down
Levis - thrifted, $6
Chucks - old
Necklace and Earrings - old

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

S is for Sheer

I love fall colors.  I love to wear them year round.  When I took this picture today in front of a dead-for-winter tree, it reminded me of my favorite season, even though it is February.  I don't own many sheers, but to fulfill the challenge given by My Greatest Hits, I picked this thrifted shirt and this sweater I bought at a farmers market on vacation to Portland, Oregon last year.  

T-shirt: Walmart, $1
Sheer shirt: thrifted,2 1/2¢!
Sweater: Portland Oregon farmers market, $20
Pants: thrifted, 50¢
Boots: Ross, $13
Earrings: county fair, $2.50 with a necklace

So, in case you are wondering how I thrifted a shirt for 2 1/2¢, here's the story:  I showed up at a garage sale one summer five minutes before noon when they were planning on quitting.  The people were already boxing up the stuff, so when I got out of my car they handed me a bag and told me I could fill it for $1.  When I got home and calculated how many items were in the bag, each item was only 2 1/2¢.  Score!!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

R is for Romance

Romance = Valentine's Day = Red and Pink.  Say what you may about the current trends, but I just don't tend to like red and pink together.  So, in honor of Valentines, I picked a pink sweetheart neckline sweater and pink peep toe shoes.  The shoes I got from a clothing exchange for free! 

Shirt: Mervyns, old (necklace is attached)
Pants: Rue 21, $15
Shoes: Free
Earrings: Family Dollar, $0.75
Bracelet: Gift from Grandparents in 4th grade

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Q is for Quick and Easy

Today, My Greatest Hits challenged us to wear a quick and easy outfit that still looks really put together.  I went to my go-to outfit of a turtleneck, belt, and black pants.  Quick, Easy, and I've worn it a hundred times.

Shirt - Eddie Bauer, $8
Pants - JC Penney, old
Belt - mall in Omaha, $10
Necklace - boutique in downtown Omaha, $1
Boots - Ross, $13

(Sorry about the uncropped photos, but my usual photographer is out of town and I wasn't using my own computer to upload this.)

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Monday, February 6, 2012

P is for Pleats

Let's look in my closet:

      Pleated skirt - nope.
      Pleated pants - nope
      Pleated shorts - nope

This was my dilemma with today's challenge from My Greatest Fashions ABCs of Style.  So...what to do?  Then, I remembered a picture I saw on Pinterest of a pleated collar/necklace made out of an old necktie. 


My husband wouldn't like it if any of his neckties went missing, but I had thrifted a polka dot belt on Thursday without any plan of how to wear it.  Perfect, I thought, and got out my needle and thread while watching Jimmy Fallon on Friday night.  Add a brooch, and here's the result:

Shirt - Kohls, $15 with vest
Collar - Made by Me, $0.50
Brooch - thrifted, $0.50
Pants - JC Penney, old
Socks - All About Socks Outlet, $0.50
Shoes - Smith's Marketplace, free with rewards points

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Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Day Challenge, Day 10; O is for Orphan

Day 10: Something that Scares Me

Fear #1: Red wide pants (my closet orphan that only gets out about every other Christmas or Fourth of July)

Fear #2: Tucking in baggy shirts - I always feel like I get a faux muffin top just above my pants that looks goofy.

Fear #3: Long Belts - On me, they remind me of the part of the nineties where everyone wore everything two sizes too big.  On other people, they look good.

So, in conclusion, the sum of all my fears looks like this:

Shirt - Christopher and Banks, $15 
Pants - JC Penney, old
Belt - JC Penney, came with a jacket for $4
Necklace - Honks Dollar Store, $1
Shoes - old

It has been so fun to follow Freckles in April's challenges the past 10 Days.  If you have enjoyed what you have seen, please follow my blog to see me Wearing What I Want - I'll return the favor. 

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 Day Challenge, Day 9; N is for Neon and Neutrals

Day 9: Group Open to Interpretation

I have two toddlers.  Skirts on a weekday usually just don't work for me.  I love the Open to Interpretation picture, but had to very much rework it to make it fit my lifestyle.  The tan sweater was something I could easily replicate, then I used the skirt color from the inspiration photo as my shirt.  I added some bright jewelry to fit the neon requirement from My Greatest Hits, and here's the result:

 Shirt - unknown, old
Cardi - JC Penney, old
Jeans - Rue 21 from Ross, $10
Shoes - Smith's Marketplace, free with rewards points
Necklace and earrings - Dollar store, $1

Here's a close up of the neon jewelery - $1 for the set! Few fashion buys make me happier than when I can find fun jewelry at the Dollar Store.

Check out Freckles in April to see other interpretations of the outfit:

Freckles in April

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Day Challenge, Day 8; M is for Monochromatic

Day 8: Dress up a Coat

First off, yay for monochromatic again.  Doing it one week for Freckles in April and the next week for My Greatest Hits - Though I  realize that I've worn monochromatic outfits without even thinking of it for a few days in between.  On the last official monochromatic day, I wore white.  Today called for gray.

Shirt - Kohls, $10
Sweater - Old, ?
Pants - Rue 21, $15
Socks - gift
boots - Ross, $13
Earrings - Family Dollar, $0.50
Necklace - free at a Cruise stop in Ketchikan, AK

Then, to top off the monochromatic, and make this work for the 10 day challenge, I added my black leather coat.  The problem with leather:  No pin flowers or broaches.  What's left: scarves.  This is a scarf I have had for many years and didn't like to wear because it used to go down to my knees with eight inch long fringe on the ends.  I liked the chunky look though, so I removed the fringe and un-crocheted about a third of the length.  Now: love it :)

Leather jacket - Wilson's, gift
Scarf - gift

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