Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Day Challenge, Day 2

Day 2: Monochromatic

When I looked in my closet to find a monochromatic outfit, my first thoughts were to use gray or black or blue. I don't have any brightly colored pants, but when I looked at the half dozen or so entries submitted to Freckles in April early this morning, I was already getting bored with those options. Then, I saw my white corduroy pants, and decided to base my outfit off of them. I usually wear those pants with bright colored tops, so wearing it with white was a new undertaking for me.

Shirt - Mervyns, $10
Sweater - Thrifted, $3
Pants - Rue 21, gift
Scarf - I made it
Pin - Claires, $1
Necklace and Earings - Family Dollar, $0.75
Boots - Kohls, $14 black friday

The white shirt I am wearing underneath is actually a cardigan that I buttoned from neck to waist and tucked in. I didn't have an off white long sleeved top, so I thought I'd try this.

Do you own white pants? If so, what do you wear them with?

Freckles in April

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  1. So pretty! I've loved the light colored outfits from today..so classy. I love that you added texture with the scarf and sweater!

    Freckles in April