Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flapper Fun

Saturday night was our stake Valentines dance, and the theme was Broadway Glitz.  There was a dinner, a Broadway song review, a photo booth, and a dance.  The posters all said Sunday dress, but if past years were any indication, there would be people there in everything from jeans to prom dresses.  Not wanting to wear a Sunday skirt, but afraid that I would stand out a little too much in neck-to-floor glitter, I opted for my old flapper-inspired dress.  I got on Youtube, took a video refresher on how to dance the Charleston, and headed off to the event in this:

Dancing the Charleston

Again with the Charleston

My best Flapper pose

Loving the fringe!
 Dress: JC Penney, also worn to Junior Homecoming Dance
Shirt: PacSun, $4
Tights: JC Penney, old
Shoes: thrifted, $2
Headband: made by me
Necklace: Paparazzi Jewelry, $5
Bracelets: Dollar Store, $0.50

Here's the blog debut of my wonderful husband:

Happy Valentine's Day! (a little late but better than never)

Y is for Yellow

Today's challenge from My Greatest Hits was an easy and fun one: wear something yellow.  Even though it had snowed recently, I was in the mood for springtime, so I paired cheery yellow with pink floral and my favorite spring shoes. 

 T-shirt: JC Penney, $5
Shirt: CJ Banks, $10
Jeans: clothing exchange, free
Shoes: clothing exchange, free
Flower: made by me
Hair clip: mall kiosk, $3 for 2
Necklace: Alaskan cruise, free

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

X is for 2X

Last time I wore this sweater, I wore it for Monochromatic day for Freckles in April's 10 day challenge.  Today, for My Greatest Hits' challenge, I decided to remix it (2X as in styling an outfit a second way) with brighter colors.  I wore it with a thrifted shirt and clothing exchange pants, so my outfit, including the shoes and jewelry, was $17.50!  I love when I can dress for so little.


Shirt: thrifted, $1
Sweater: thrifted, $3
Pants: free from clothing exchange
Shoes: Ross, $13
Earrings: Family Dollar, $0.75 with a necklace

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W is for Wide Leg

Today's (actually yesterday's) challenge for My Greatest Hits ABCs of Fashion was to wear wide leg pants.  I'm kind of a packrat, so even though I like wearing skinny jeans and pants now, I have a section of my closet full of wide leg pants I just can't seem to let go.  Channeling a nautical vibe with the stripes and the sailor-wide pants, here's my take on the style:

Hat: Pioneer day vendor booth, $10
Necklaces and earrings: Claires, $1 each
Shirt: Ross, old
Pants: Taken from my sister's Goodwill pile, free
Socks: Kohls, $2
Shoes: Smith's Marketplace, free with rewards points

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Friday, February 10, 2012

T is for Tomboy

Today's challenge from My Greatest Hits was to incorporate menswear elements into my outfit.  This isn't something I've done before, but I think it works.  For part of the day I wore my husband's old watch, but the band was way too big and it drove me nuts, and I forgot to put it back on for the pictures.


 Shirt - Kohls, $5
Jacket -Oscar de la Renta, vintage hand me down
Levis - thrifted, $6
Chucks - old
Necklace and Earrings - old

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

S is for Sheer

I love fall colors.  I love to wear them year round.  When I took this picture today in front of a dead-for-winter tree, it reminded me of my favorite season, even though it is February.  I don't own many sheers, but to fulfill the challenge given by My Greatest Hits, I picked this thrifted shirt and this sweater I bought at a farmers market on vacation to Portland, Oregon last year.  

T-shirt: Walmart, $1
Sheer shirt: thrifted,2 1/2¢!
Sweater: Portland Oregon farmers market, $20
Pants: thrifted, 50¢
Boots: Ross, $13
Earrings: county fair, $2.50 with a necklace

So, in case you are wondering how I thrifted a shirt for 2 1/2¢, here's the story:  I showed up at a garage sale one summer five minutes before noon when they were planning on quitting.  The people were already boxing up the stuff, so when I got out of my car they handed me a bag and told me I could fill it for $1.  When I got home and calculated how many items were in the bag, each item was only 2 1/2¢.  Score!!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

R is for Romance

Romance = Valentine's Day = Red and Pink.  Say what you may about the current trends, but I just don't tend to like red and pink together.  So, in honor of Valentines, I picked a pink sweetheart neckline sweater and pink peep toe shoes.  The shoes I got from a clothing exchange for free! 

Shirt: Mervyns, old (necklace is attached)
Pants: Rue 21, $15
Shoes: Free
Earrings: Family Dollar, $0.75
Bracelet: Gift from Grandparents in 4th grade

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