Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Day Challenge, Day 10; O is for Orphan

Day 10: Something that Scares Me

Fear #1: Red wide pants (my closet orphan that only gets out about every other Christmas or Fourth of July)

Fear #2: Tucking in baggy shirts - I always feel like I get a faux muffin top just above my pants that looks goofy.

Fear #3: Long Belts - On me, they remind me of the part of the nineties where everyone wore everything two sizes too big.  On other people, they look good.

So, in conclusion, the sum of all my fears looks like this:

Shirt - Christopher and Banks, $15 
Pants - JC Penney, old
Belt - JC Penney, came with a jacket for $4
Necklace - Honks Dollar Store, $1
Shoes - old

It has been so fun to follow Freckles in April's challenges the past 10 Days.  If you have enjoyed what you have seen, please follow my blog to see me Wearing What I Want - I'll return the favor. 

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  1. I've been wondering about the red pants! They are fun and more so than Christmas and the 4th of July ... although I can relate :).

  2. You look nothing like a muffin! Also, I think the reason that long belts work on other people is because they're wrapped really creatively. Maybe you could try that and see if you like it better! Colored pants are difficult, but good for you for braving all your fears. I'm impressed.

  3. Those pants are so awesome. And I totally agree with Nicole on the different kinds of belt wrapping - opens up a whole new belt world!

    lace, etc.

  4. Those pants look so fabulous! And I love the long belt look.

    See Me Rwar

  5. Your belt fears make me laugh. Isn't it funny what things are scary for each person?