Thursday, February 9, 2012

S is for Sheer

I love fall colors.  I love to wear them year round.  When I took this picture today in front of a dead-for-winter tree, it reminded me of my favorite season, even though it is February.  I don't own many sheers, but to fulfill the challenge given by My Greatest Hits, I picked this thrifted shirt and this sweater I bought at a farmers market on vacation to Portland, Oregon last year.  

T-shirt: Walmart, $1
Sheer shirt: thrifted,2 1/2¢!
Sweater: Portland Oregon farmers market, $20
Pants: thrifted, 50¢
Boots: Ross, $13
Earrings: county fair, $2.50 with a necklace

So, in case you are wondering how I thrifted a shirt for 2 1/2¢, here's the story:  I showed up at a garage sale one summer five minutes before noon when they were planning on quitting.  The people were already boxing up the stuff, so when I got out of my car they handed me a bag and told me I could fill it for $1.  When I got home and calculated how many items were in the bag, each item was only 2 1/2¢.  Score!!

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